A 37 year veteran of the publishing industry, Ed Renehan has done it all – author, ghostwriter, editor, executive at such firms as Macmillan (seven years as Director of Computer Publishing Programs), and much more. He’s also done editorial and marketing stints at St. Martin’s Press and Wiley.

Ed has published 20 books under his own name – and still more under the names of authors whom he’s hovered behind as a ghost – and seen them all sold to such prestigious houses as Oxford University Press, Doubleday, Simon & Schuster, Crown, and Basic.

His expertise ranges from finance to biography, and from politics to digital information systems. He has as well published two novels, one under his own name and one under a pen-name.

Ed’s clients have included Big 5 publishing houses looking to get celebrity memoirs done right … the publications division of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) looking to have dry facts of archival research turned into riveting prose … novice writers looking for help with proposals, synopses, and cover-letters … and busy executives who need fast and efficient execution of speeches, columns, and OpEds.

America’s Cup Trials, Newport, RI.

Mel Hecker, Publications Officer of the USHMM comments: “I could not have asked for a more cooperative and skilled writer/contractor to help us with a difficult project. Ed is what I would call a value-added provider, doing his work diligently while adding worthwhile suggestions to the mix and going the extra mile to make the project a success. The authors and I greatly appreciated Ed’s fine ability to turn a phrase and make a dry historic account into a very good read.”

Since 2010, Ed has served as founding managing director of a small digital-native publishing start-up, New Street Communications, which takes up about 25% of his time. The balance of his days he gives to professional ghosting, book-doctoring, and editing. Based near Newport, RI, Ed is regularly in Manhattan and Boston, and has locations in both cities where he can meet with clients. He as well is available via Skype and has traveled as far as California and Hamburg in order to get business done, when necessary.

Ed is an avid sailor, a former board member of The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and other environmental organizations, and a founding member – along with Stewart Brand and John Perry Barlow – of The Long Now Foundation.